Figure-rise Bardock

Model Kit
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-Goku's father Barduck is a plastic model from [Dragon Ball Z]!
■ Reproduce the charm of Barduck to details, such as cross-cuts on the cheeks and steep expressions.
■ Equipped with a muscle build system that reproduces muscle parts by modeling and division!
■ With high range of motion and attached effect parts, you can reproduce famous scenes and special moves poses.
■ Effects using clear parts reproduce the release state and the storage state.
-Two types of expression parts are included: "Normal" and "Shout".
■ Hand parts are included for both left and right grip and opening!

■ Expression parts × 2 types
■ Hand parts Left hand × 2 types Right hand × 2 types
■ Special effects × 2 (spirit recharge, release)
■ Pedestal for special effects effects × 1
■ Foil seal × 1
box art
Scale non
Line Figure-rise
Brand Dragon Ball Z
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Can I make him Super Saiyan with a Goku's hair? Or does the Bandana hinder that?
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Jun 30, 2021

Best Figure-Rise kit

A really simple kit and it looks great straight out of the box. I would recommend this kit as an entry to the Figure-Rise line; good stuff. The only gripe I have with this kit is that the second face it came with doesn't fit properly with the eyes and mouth (no idea why). As for painting, there isn't much to do other than the mouth for the second face, some white(Gundam Marker/GM 11) for the armor and shading for the rest of the kit. Also I used a brown Real Touch Marker for the skin shading.
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