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MS-P01 Smooth Black Primer 35ml

In stock

Odenkan MS-P01 Smooth Black Primer

35ml container

Made in Taiwan


MS-P01 Smooth Black Primer User Guide:

1. This primer is meant for use with metallic paints.

2. No need to dilute. Just spray a layer of wet spray directly and then start to color after at least 12 hours of drying.

3. It is recommended to use 1.2kg (or more) of spray air pressure and use it in a well-ventilated area.

4. The preset dilution ratio is for 0.5mm airbrushes. For 0.3mm airbrushes (or below), it is recommended to add diluent (SC-03) as appropriate to improve the smoothness of spraying.


1. Shake well and use in a well-ventilated area.

2. Apply 1 wet coat at 18 psi (1.2 bar).

3. It is recommended to let dry for at least 12 hours before applying paint.



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Mar 20, 2023

mixed feelings about this

the product alone is great. the result is awesome. the idea of having a gloss primer with one coat sounds amazing. however what i am having trouble with here is justifying the price for the pre thinned 35ml bottle at 7 bucks a pop. sure it does allow you to skip a couple of steps like thinning and adding a paint on top of the primer to get that gloss result but when i can get a 40ml jar of Mr color 1500 primer for a little over a dollar less than this product, i can invest in some thinner for $12 and thin that primer with 60ml of thinner and in results id have 3oz or 100ml of primer that will last me more than 3 kits. would i recommend this product for the ease of use? yes. can i justify the price for what you get? no. if it wasn't thinned of if it came in a 2-4 ounce bottle this can be easily priced at $5-$8 then id say this would be the go to product for all metallic paint jobs or glossy finishes.
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Jun 21, 2022


In terms of time savings, it's great, you skip couple steps.... In terms of value/price that really depends on how much you value your time so the cost may/may not be an issue., since you will run through a lot of this if you spray a lot of metallics. In terms of priming, it was meh, surface scratches really showed through if your surface wasn't perfect. The gloss is really nice, like really nice once it flashed off. Sprayed both through my Iwata eclipse @.35/.5 needles. Do wish they provided more since to get a nice shine, you need a very wet coat and you'll just run through the bottle.
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Jun 14, 2022

Love pre thinned!

I use it with my Iwata HP-CS 0.3mm needle at 18psi. Didn't need to add thinner. One full coat seems better going back for a second full coat. Very durable, no scratches from fingernails or gunpla. Very reflective! See pic of Mika
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