Variable Fighter Girls Macross Delta Vf-31D Skuld Sp

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Skuld Nyan is a new V.F.G. (Variable Fighter Girl) character from Aoshima! She's a fan of fishing on the planet Voldor, in search of the Giant Galaxy Tuna! She's equipped with a specially developed weapons for spear fishing with a harpoon and an automatic mecha-lure called Magros! This cat-eared darling can also transform into the VF-31D's Fighter, Gerwalk and Battroid forms with parts replacement.

The kit snaps together so glue isn't needed, and the kit is molded in color as well; a total of four interchangeable facial expressions are included, as are decals for her eyes and the VF-31D's numbering. In addition to the spear fishing weapon and mecha-lure, launch effect parts for the mecha-lure are also included! Order her for your own collection right nyao

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Line Variable Fighter Girl
Brand Macross / Robotech
Series Macross Delta




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