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Camouflage Masking 2 Medium

This product has been discontinued.

Pre-cut masking tape that can easily paint cloud shaped camouflage pattern

It is a masking tape (sheet) cut beforehand in the cloud-shaped camouflage "cloud camouflage" pattern. 
It is hard to cut out the masking tape by myself, mask it and paint airbrush, 
but if you have this item, you can easily paint by masking and painting. 
Because it is for character model, there is no strict scale specification. 
S and M have a size difference of 25%, 
please use the size you like depending on the object to be painted. 

Color combination is easy. First with + achromatic color!

First of all it is safe to paint from a combination of achromatic color and chromatic color (color). Achromatic color is made of only white and black, chromatic color is made of red yellow blue etc. In the case of two-color camouflage, if you consider it as orange, such as gray, or two colors in color (dark and light green, etc.) for three colors, and two colors in color (dark green, etc.) for four colors It is easy to assemble.

Cloud camouflage

Cloud camouflage

First test with palette

First of all it is important to try painting the color you want to paint on a paper palette or white paper, and try out the color combination. Brilliant colors will fight each other, so in that case, add gray to reduce saturation, unify all tones by adding white to everything, or adapt only to one color to make it achromatic It is one of means to make two color camouflage with. Also, the color changes in order of overlapping colors. In the case of gray + orange, if you paint Orange first, vividly, if you paint Orange later, the color of the whole will become familiar.

I imagine "islands" or "clouds" and place them

It is a trick to successfully paste patterns on a sparse average. Also, it is important to arrange the orientation of the pattern, to put a small pattern between the pattern and the pattern, to image the shape of "island" floating in the sea and literally "cloud". Please paint the clear if it appears that the step becomes conspicuous after peeling the masking. While dividing it into several times, if you paint the area where the step is low, painting the step becomes less conspicuous.

Cloud camouflage

1. Paint the orange over the entire surface 2. Paste the masking tape so as to be sparsely 3. Put the masking tape on the second color from the top 4. Remove using tweezers before completely drying It will be completed.

3 to 4 color camouflage will only increase the number of masking based on 2 color camouflage

Cloud camouflage

1. Paint white on the whole side 2. Paste the masking tape so as to be sparsely 3. Put the masking tape on the second color from the top 4. Mask again. Put the third color of the point 5 to paste so as to straddle the previous pattern with a larger handle. If you want to make 3-color camouflage, peel off after this and finish 6 Mask again to paint the 4 th paint. Please use a large pattern 7 We will paint the 4th. As possible when finished in the condition of raw drying, the case will be finished cleanly. 8. If you are concerned about the difference in level of painting, paint in clear several times




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Dec 31, 2020

Great masking tape

Loved the tape and it came out great in the end. The only problem I have is all the wasted space on the tape thats left. There is pleanty of space for more camo to be cut out and this leaves you feeling a little cheated out. But the product worked great and I am pleased with what I got
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