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Zoids Gojulas the Ogre

Model Kit
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Featuring a wide variety of new parts not in the normal Gojulas, this model kit has around 1,400 parts! This massive kit is the most voluminous of any Kotobukiya plastic model kit up until now!

The Long Range Buster Cannons boast a length of 360mm and have a pullout expansion feature at the rear. For user customization, attachment parts are included so the Long Range Buster Cannons can be attached to other separately sold "Zoids" (e.g., Blade Liger, Liger Zero).

The hatches will open by pulling the sensor part of the 8-Barreled Missile Pods on the torso. Also, similar to the "IRON KONG PK" model, the energy cables contain an internal wire that allows for flexible movement.

Enjoy the overwhelming power of Gojulas The Ogre, worthy of being called the strongest Zoid!


  • The Long Range Buster Cannons have a total length of 360mm. The large magazine parts are of separate parts and can be removed from the cannons. In addition, the rear of the cannons has a pullout expansion feature.
  • The attachment parts for the Long Range Buster Cannons are designed to attach to the Zoid caps of select Zoids such as Blade Liger and Liger Zero that have been previously released.
  • The energy tanks on the back can extend their heat-dissipating fins.
  • The 8-Barreled Missile Pods are of a hatch design where the hatches will open when the sensor part is pulled.
  • The energy cables are designed with an internal wire for flexible movement and posing.
  • The large stabilizer attached to the tail extends and retracts and can also be moved to act as a stabilizing outrigger to support the massive body of Gojulas The Ogre.
  • The internal Zoid Core can be exposed by removing the main generator on the torso.
  • The cockpit canopy can be opened and closed, allowing a pilot figure to be placed inside.
  • The container block on the tip of the tail can be opened to deploy the AMD 30mm Beam Cannon. The Maxer Multipurpose Machine Guns attached to the sides can also be folded to be stored.
  • The Hyper Bite Fangs on the head feature a pullout joint so that the model's jaw can be more comprehensive for roaring poses.
  • The heels are articulated so the model can be posed leaning forward.

Product Features

  • 14.57 inches (37cm)
  • Made of plastic 
  • From the anime series "Zoids"
  • Includes more than 1,400 parts; long-range Buster Cannon, energy tank, stabilizer, and more!

Box Contents

  • Pieces to build:
    • Gojulas the Ogre
    • Energy tank
    • Missile pods
    • Power cable
    • 30mm beam gun
  • Decal sheet
  • Instructions
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box art
Scale 1/72
Brand Zoids
Release Date December 2016
SKU: ZD099


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