MG RX-9/C Narrative Gundam C-Packs [Ver.Ka]

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Bandai, in collaboration with the one and only Hajime Katoki, releases the Psycho Frame test machine Narrative Gundam C-Packs from "Mobile Suit Gundam Narrative" as a Master Grade Ver.Ka model kit!

The thickness of the clear parts of the Psycho Frame has been adjusted. Details are engraved on the front, back, and sides for a deep, three-dimensional shape. Depending on the angle from which it's viewed, it reflects light like a crystal!

A gray Psycho Frame that does not activate "NT-D" is included and can be used selectively. The hip joints are movable for each block, and the fins on the back of the knees sink as the knees move, so the legs can be bent deeply without interference!

By rotating the nose, the core block can transform into a bird-like core fighter. It also comes with a "C-equipped Beam Rifle," an improved version of the Jegan rifle. With parts replacement, you can reproduce both types, and two 1/100 scale figurines of Jona Bashta—sitting and standing—are included!

**MG MSN-06S Sinanju Stein (Narrative) [Ver.Ka] pictured is not included (sold separately).

Product Features

  • 1/100 Scale
  • Made of plastic
  • Based on the "Mobile Suit Gundam Narrative" anime film
  • Part of the Master Grade model kit line

Box Contents

  • Pieces to build:
    • Narrative Gundam
    • Shield
    • Beam rifle
    • Beam rifle reproduction parts for Jegan
    • 2x Beam sabers
    • Body reproduction parts set
    • Set of landing gear parts for core fighters
    • Set of hand parts
  • 2x Types of figures
  • Set of 3D metallic seals
  • Set of water transfer decals
  • Instructions
box art
Scale 1/100
Line MG - Master Grade
Brand Mobile Suit Gundam
Series Gundam Narrative
Release Date May 2024


Download (11.6MB)

Supplementary Manual

Download (5.3MB)
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Are the psycho frame pieces from this kit compatible with the MG OVA Unicorn?
They are completely compatible. The clear red psycho frame can replace their respective psycho frame parts on both Unicorn versions. The deactive frame reuses the OVA's mold.
June 27, 2024
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Jun 21, 2024

Great build experience

I didn't pre-order because I don't like the design, but after seeing some reviews, I decided to give it a shot to see if the build experience was worth it. It was. This kit is incredible. I'll be getting a second to customize and paint. 장점: -Thick plastic stickers with extra depth -Nothing feels fragile -Build experience feels new and familiar at the same time. If you've built the MGEX Strike Freedom, this feels like an improvement in many ways. -UV reactive parts really really pop. I didn't like the pink from pictures, but in person, it really looks great -Solid poser -The flyer is sick -The way the parts fit together and lock into each other is so satisfying. Nothing precarious -Best hands of any MG -V-fin is so sturdy and looks great -The way the head fits together is very improved 단점: -Wish the ankles had more mobility -The shield looks cool but some moving parts would have been nice -Magazines are meh. Wish they were the unicorn/AK style
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Jun 3, 2024

Puts the Masterpiece In Master Grade

This is what every new master grade should strive to be. The MG Narrative Ver. Ka feels like that combination of everything gunpla has been building up to. It doesn’t feel like there are any compromises here at all. The only negative you could suggest is that it uses stickers for the eyes and sensors but even the sticks have en extra layer of detail on them that more than justifies their inclusion in my opinion.
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