HGUC 020 RGM-79 GM

Model Kit
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Based on the Mobile Suit Gundam anime series, this RGM-79 GM model kit is in 1/144 scale and becomes a fully articulated figure once built. 

Product Features

  • 1/144 Scale
  • Made of PS, PE, and PVC
  • Based on Mobile Suit Gundam
  • Part of the High Grade Universal Century model kit line

Box Contents

  • Pieces to build RGM-79 GM
  • Beam Spray Gun
  • Beam Saber
  • Backpack
  • Shield
  • Instructions
Scale 1/144
Line HG - High Grade
Number 20 / 242
Brand Mobile Suit Gundam
Series Mobile Suit Gundam
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Jul 5, 2022

Old kit, needs customization to stand out

This is a pretty old kit and suffers from many of the problems of old kits. To my understanding, the gates are a reprint from the RX-78. Things that stand out as particularly bad: -Leg articulation is pretty terrible, you wont get much in the way of flexibility -Old polycaps are hit and miss -Beam saber needs to be painted -Shoulders do not move, only the polycap in the upper arm can move. -Minimal color separation. Backpack, rear head camera, inner shield and ankle "internals" needed to be painted. -Colored teal and not white. This kit is pretty basic, and needs some customization to help it stand out. I would recommend getting this kit for some specific customization work with this specific model. There are better options out there in 2022+.
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Jun 18, 2022

I know it's old, but...

This is a very old kit, so I don't expect great engineering or articulation in the first place. But I didn't expect its color to be so different from what's shown on package: parts supposed to be white aren't white but some kind of green (a bit like Jegan's but not the same). I don't hate this color per se but it doesn't feel good to see so much discrepancy between packaging and actual product. Another issue is the beam saber. No color separation. Need to *paint* it to make it look right. Not the first time I encounter this issue in an ~20-year-old HG kit, but still somewhat disappointed.
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Dec 12, 2021

It's Teal, not white

The big surprise for this kit was how it's literally teal instead of white, with the color resembling how the GM was shaded in the original MSG. Honestly, I think the teal looks better on it than if it were just white and really makes it stand out in a collection. My one gripe is that it suffers from floppy-leg-itus, like many old kits, but it stands up and poses fine. Otherwise, the kit's super straight forward and a solid purchase for $10.
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Jan 19, 2021


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Dec 27, 2020

i dont know how many of these i have

i might have a problem i have close to 30 of these things and an equal number of RB-79 support ball
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