Figure-rise LABO Kotori Minami

Model Kit

Figure-riseLABO series that challenges the new expression of plastic models. The third theme is “costumes”!
"lovelive! 』From a plastic model of Minoru Kotori who is in charge of costumes with μ's members!
■ Both balloons and shoes have a glossy texture, and the clothing cloth has a matte texture, giving precise details to the details to create a texture that suits various places.
■ We make full use of various techniques for costumes. The back has a delicate pearly luster with a polarized pearl material, and the skirt has three layers to create a beautiful gradation with volume. The lace part is textured to reproduce the change in sheer feeling due to the density of the embroidery. The clear material of the sleeve and skirt is mixed with lame to enhance the gorgeousness!
■ Further pursue the facial expression of the character with the advanced layered injection technology. Bright eyes reproduce the blur as if it were being made by rounding the edges of the glow.

■ Base x 1
■ Tetron Seal × 1

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