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Metal Robot Spirits Gundam 00 Raiser + GN Sword III

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A new era in The Robot Spirits series! This 00 Raiser set features all new design, materials, and engineering for enhanced poseability! An excellent balance of diecast metal and plastic parts gives it satisfying heft, while new features such as a ratcheting GN Drive core and poseable side binders increase your display possibilities. Set includes the 130mm 00 Gundam, the O-Raiser, GN Sword III and beam effect parts, two GN Sword II and beam effect parts with sword connector parts, two GN Shields, two saber grips, two beam saber blades, two types of option hands (L/R), GN Sword III connector for the O-Raiser, and a custom stand with base, connector, and display arm.
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