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Figure-rise Dukemon/Gallantmon (Amplified)

Model Kit
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The Exalted Knight Digimon, Gallantmon joins the Figure-rise Standard Amplified model kit line up! With the structure's ball joints in the chest and torso contracting in expanding this section of the body. The cape is made up of several parts to allow expressive movements and complex details.

Product Features

  • Made of plastic 
  • Assembled figure is highly poseable 
  • Shield and lance parts are included
  • Effects parts and gimmicks allow the figure to be posed with detail

Box Contents

  • Pieces to build 
    • Gallantmon
    • Holy Lance 
    • Shield
    • Cape
  • Instructions
box art
Scale non
Line Figure-rise
Brand Digimon
Release Date July 2021
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Dec 22, 2022

interesting model but.....

This is a decent build but it's not without flaws. The model can stand on its own but be warned the shield is the most heaviest part of this kit. I also feel like the stickers on the head piece stand out from the rest of the build. Another thing is in the instructions and box cover both show gold trim on middle shoulder pieces and around the top of the armor where the head attaches; there is none. Both problems I feel can be solved just by painting them on if you want to go for the extra effort. I even wished they would have made the armor a metallic white to be more lore accurate but that is a personal gripe. Overall this is a interesting build I just feel like it's not that accurate even to its own instruction manual.
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Aug 20, 2021

Pretty good kit to the source.

If you've built the SSS Gridman or Orange Cat Tekkaman, the build will feel familiar. The only thing I wish was implemented was more articulation on the torso. Asides that, this kit is pretty great, especially in to the details. Curious to see how this silhouette is perfected with the Omegamon X Antibody. The cape is also a pretty new concept in modeling that might be a bit challenging at first, so just don't fold too sharply, and secure the connection to the cape-rods well.
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Aug 12, 2021

An amazingly solid kit with some minor quirks.

This kit is generally fantastic. It is amazingly and surprisingly solid, looks amazing, has good-great possibility, and the necessary accessories. I have 2 gripes, however. Firstly is the usage of stickers where unnecessary. Areas like eyes are reasonable, but even some red strips are uncolored and require bending stickers or painting, so that's important to keep in mind. Secondly is the cape. While it looks very cool, assembly can be difficult for someone not used to this sort of thin and flexible plastic. The plastic sheets were unwieldy and didn't clip on easily, requiring several attempts. The end result is great but the cape portion alone took nearly 4o minutes for me to complete. This kit isn't the most beginner friendly because of this. I have built over a dozen kits, including High Grade, Master Grade, Real Grade, and even Hi Resolution Gunpla, but this was a surprisingly difficult kit to build on that front, but the remainder was on par with what you would expect from this sort of kit. Some of the translucent parts tend to have unfortunately poor nub marks when removing them, so that is important. All-in-all, the build took roughly 5-6 hours for me to complete, and while tough to build at points and some details not being perfect, the kit certainly feels perfect, and is overall fantastic. I do highly recommend it, just keep that cape in mind.
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