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Moderoid MADOX-01

Model Kit
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From "Metal Skin Panic MADOX-01" comes the very first plastic model of the Slave Trooper MADOX-01, ready for your workbench!

  • The head hatch and back unit can be opened and closed.
  • Anti-tank missiles and a 12.7mm cannon can be equipped on the right arm. Both claw and finger hand parts can be used.
  • The knuckle guard has been faithfully recreated.
  • A 35mm autocannon and Gatling gun are included. The ammunition belt is made with soft, flexible materials.
  • Its "hover mode" can be recreated with the use of interchangeable parts.
  • Armor and joint parts are separated by color on different runners, so all it takes is a simple assembly to create the mecha.
  • Translucent parts have been used to create the head visor.

    Product Features

    • 4.72 inches (12cm) 
    • Made of plastic 
    • Part of the Moderoid line
    • Based on the "Metal Skin Panic MADOX -01" animation
    • Articulated once complete

    Box Contents

    • Pieces to build:
      • Slave Trooper MADOX-01
      • Large Gatling gun
      • Small Gatling gun
      • Machine gun
      • Alternate hands
      • Alternate claw
      • Alternate wing parts
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      box art
      Scale non
      Line Moderoid
      Release Date March 2023
      SKU: G15930


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      It appears, from the photos, that the "toes" are molded rather than articulated. Can anyone confirm?
      We can confirm that the toes on this model kit are in fact molded and do not have articulation.
      April 19, 2023


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