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Robot Spirits Side Eva Evangelion Production Model-02

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- Evangelion Unit 2 comes with new modeling. This product, which has evolved further from the popular 2010 edition, achieves unprecedented proportions in the play and a natural and wide range of motion. Includes optional parts such as S-type equipment unique to Unit 2.

- Proportion that faithfully reproduces the image in the play
- Can be replaced with the S-type equipment that appeared in [Evangelion New Theatrical Version: Destruction].
- Wide range of motion that can reproduce the dynamic action in the play.
- Thunder Spear is foldable.
- Comes with a bow gun. Built-in joint axis.
- Comes with 2 progressive knives exclusively for Unit 2.
- Umbilical cable is included.

・ Main body
・ Replacement wrist left and right 6 types each
・ Umbilical cable
・ Thunder Spear
・ Crossbow
・ S type equipment left and right
・ S type equipment forearm parts x 2
・ Progressive knife x2 for Unit 2
・ Joint for Tamashii STAGE
This item is limited to 1 per person.
Scale non
Line Robot Spirits
Brand Neon Genesis Evangelion
Release Date August 2021




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