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1/144 Jiachong (Twin Pack)

Model Kit
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 From K Scale Models comes a 3D printed resin model kit designed in 1/144 scale!

The MAJ-V34 Jiachong tank/AFV from "Mobile Suit Gundam 00" is the perfect diorama fodder to go with your 1/144 Tieren Ground Type or get stomped by a 1/144 Exia!

The Jiachong is a small two-man tank/AFV used by the Human Reform League. Its primary armament is an 85mm smooth-boar cannon with a remote weapon station armed with a 30mm machine gun. Its primary role is support and recon, but it found itself in action against the Gundams of Celestial Being, a fight it was little equipped to handle. However, in these engagements, its small size and speed kept its crew alive where Tieren's fell. The Jiachong would be withdrawn from front-line use after the introduction of the GN-X series of mobile suits, but even then, it would see action defending a prison from the returning Celestial Being. The Jiachong could be turned into an unmanned tank; however, this was not desirable in complex engagements due to the increased risk of friendly fire. An engineering version was also made that removed the turret and replaced it with a roller and bulldozer blade.

Box Contents:

  • 8X wheel
  • 8X tries
  • 4X rear motors
  • 4X front part 1
  • 4X front part 2
  • 4X front motor
  • 2X hull
  • 2X turret
  • 2X barrel
  • 2X machine gun
  • Instruction Manual

This model kit contains 2 model kits with a total of 40 parts and full instructions.

**3D printed in resin. Paint and glue are required for assembly.

    Scale 1/144
    Warning: This product is made of a resin, which is toxic if inhaled. Please wear a mask/respirator when sanding.


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