HGUC 061 MSA-005 Methuss

Model Kit
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Break out your sunglasses for this one! The bright yellow Methuss is here!

Molded in color - with vinyl tubing and foil stickers for detail - this snap-together kit is sure to be great fun! No paint or glue is necessary.

When complete, Methuss also transforms into Mobile Armor mode!

Product Features

  • 1/144 Scale
  • Made of plastic
  • From Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam
  • Fully articulated once complete
  • Transformable

Box Contents

  • Pieces to build:
    • Methuss
      • 2x Beam Saber
      • 2x Arm Beam Gun
      • Weapon-holding hands (1 pair)
    • Landing Gear
    • Linkage parts
  • Sticker decals
box art
Scale 1/144
Line HG - High Grade
Number 61 / 242
Brand Mobile Suit Gundam
Series Zeta Gundam
Release Date March 2006


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Apr 21, 2023

Beloved, but mistreated

Bought this because it performed admirably against my main metric: how sad was this robot in the primary work that featured it? Every lady who got in this thing had a real bad time, and the MS itself got utterly shredded on a regular basis. There's only so much you can ask of a kit that needed to be both '80s-bulky and transformable. Fair's fair, you can't ask a circle to be square. End result, you basically can't bend the elbows and also have the beam guns oriented correctly. The ankles and shoulders are also limited. As a special bonus, I'm pretty sure the only directly compatible stand is one packed with the HGUC Gabthley and HGUC Asshimar. Feel like they could have thrown it in with Methuss for the reissue, but maybe it's tied in with the main runners of those kits. Not too frustrating to build, pretty manageable transformation, just not especially posable and hard to display in MS mode. Buy it to support its pilots, or maybe give it a miss.
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Apr 5, 2023

Complex and Inflexible

Much like in lore, the Methuss is a complex prototype for a transforming mech that is ultimately too clunky to use as-is. The model version also has inflexible elbows, making it difficult to pose according to canon. The waist in particular is very tricky to assemble properly. I only built this to support Fa Yuiri, who has gotten a raw deal in the storyline.
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Nov 26, 2022

Needs to be updated

It looks great, but it is so hard to pose. In order to hold the blasters, you have to twist the arms around, making the elbows useless. The legs don't bend too well either. Overall, great looking model, but almost impossible to pose in a dynamic way.
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