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Mega Man (Battle Network: DarkMegaMan.Exe) Model Kit

Model Kit
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From Mega Man Battle Network, Dark Mega Man, awakened by dark power, joins Kotobukiya’s plastic model kit lineup!

This model fully utilizes the technology cultivated in the existing Mega Man X plastic model series to create intricate individual parts. The employment of CAD engineering allows the character’s proportions to be faithfully recreated while maintaining an impressive range of articulation.

Dark Mega Man can be recreated as if he stepped out of the game or anime just by assembling the model. The extensive range of included items, such as the 4 different face parts that express his character, familiar attachments like the Buster, Cannon, and Dark Sword bring various famous scenes from the anime and game to life in the user's hands!

The set also comes with the enemy character Mettle, redesigned in Mega Man Battle Network style!

Battle Network: MegaMan.Exe model kit not included (sold separately).

Product Features

  • 1/12 Scale
  • Made of ABS, PE, and PS
  • From the Mega Man Battle Network video game
  • Includes Metall enemy character

Box Contents

  • Pieces to build:
    • DarkMegaMan.EXE
    • 4x interchangeable facial expressions (normal, smile, scream, mask)
    • Rock Buster
    • Cannon forearm
    • Sword forearm
    • 3x interchangeable hands (grip hand, flat hand A, flat hand B)
    • 2x sword effect parts (long and short)
    • Mettle
  • Instructions

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      box art
      Scale 1/12
      Brand Mega Man
      Release Date January 2023
      SKU: KP532


      How big are these and why are these so expensive??
      Stands about 17cm tall, maybe a little less. Cost is wrapped up in Kotobukiya's engineering that typically hides seam lines very well while also having good articulation; though this cost is a bit on the upper end for Kotobukiya models.
      August 13, 2023


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