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Zoids Customize Parts Pile Bunker Unit

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The customization parts set for HMM Zoids, PILE BUNKER UNIT, has arrived!

The set of customization parts PILE BUNKER UNIT that is compatible with EZ-027 RAVEN RAPTOR includes a special arm of an HMM original design and a radar unit. These parts can also be attached to various HMM Zoids using the many included connection parts. Also, special connection parts are included for equipping the parts to the forearms of GODOS and IGUAN. Users can also create a Double Pile Bunker by preparing two sets. Equip your HMM Zoids with this powerful weapon that spans over 220 mm long.

*These parts are a different color scheme from the ones included in the simultaneously released EZ-027 RAVEN RAPTOR. The color scheme of these parts is of the EZ-027 REV RAPTOR.

Product Specifications:

  • The over 220mm long pile can slide forward and backward to recreate shooting actions.
  • The unarmored side can be equipped with the original radar unit.
  • The Pile Bunker Unit and radar unit can be equipped on either the left or right side.
  • The magazine part on the back can be removed.
  • The set includes a special connection arm for EZ-027 REV RAPTOR. It can be attached to an already assembled Rev Raptor model.
  • With two sets, users can equip Pile Bunker Units and radar units on both sides of the model.
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