HG Getter Robo Arc

Model Kit
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The main character of "Getter Robo Arc", Getter Arc, has has now joined the HG line from their latest design! The head can be displayed in its open state by replacing it and the Battle Shot Cutter can be created in both its deployed and non-deployed versions by replacing parts. The classic backpack can be turned upside down and each wing can be adjusted to activate the Thunder Bomber state. With all of the replaceable parts included, you'll never get bored of the ways this kit can be displayed!

  • [Accessories]
  • Getter Tomahawk x2 Getter
  • Tomahawk connection parts x1
  • Battle Shot Cutter (deployment and non-deployment) x1
  • Opening face parts x1
  • Hand parts x1
  • Sticker x1
  • Display base x1
    Scale non
    Line HG - High Grade
    Brand Super Robot (Getter/Mazinger)
    Release Date November 2021




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