30MM W-02 Portanova Option Weapon 1

Model Kit

Weapons and strategies are customized!
Option Weapon which is optimal for equipment of "bEXM - 15 Portanova" which can be strategically customized based on core unit is commercialized.
■ 2 core units are included one each one.
■ Parts of "Ax" "Knife" "Reims" that can be recombined as proximity weapons are included besides parts that can be recombined as shooting weapons, as well as "medium beam rifle" and "gatling gun" parts.
■ Core unit (2 types) × 1 each
■ Ax Parts × 1
■ Knife parts × 1
■ Lance parts × 1
■ Medium Beam Rifle Parts × 1
■ Gatling gun parts × 1

■ Sprue x 2
■ Instruction manual x 1

Scale non
Brand 30 Minute Missions
Assembly Guide
SKU: BAS5057814
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