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MSG Heavy Weapon Unit 11 - Killer Beak

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Heavy Weapon Unit 11: Killer Beak is an expansion-type support fighter that can be separated into a flight unit and a long rifle!

It is a support mecha with the traits of both Freestyle Gun and Exceed Binder. The Beak Sensor is designed as a Frame Arms head unit. Active Wing can be moved flexibly in the upper and lower connection points on the base and can be stored or deployed with its 3mm connections. The block parts connecting the Long Laser Rifle, Active Wing, and Beak Sensor can be disassembled and used like other Heavy Weapon Unit products. It is compatible with various Flying Bases so that it can be used for various situations, including coordinated attacks with other models!

Product Features

  • 7.28 inches (18.5cm)
  • Non-scale for multiple uses
  • Part of the "M.S.G." model kit line
  • Customizable add-on weapon
  • Includes pieces that can be assembled into different unique weapons
  • **Other model kits shown in images are not included (sold separately).

Box Contents

  • Pieces to build:
    • Killer Beak
    • Beak sensor
    • Ball joint for beak sensor
    • Long laser rifle
    • Active wing set
    • Connecting blocks A and B
    • 2x Crank joints
    • Long gear base
    • 2x Long gears
    • 2x Micro gun pods
    • 2x Micro thrusters
  • Instructions
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