MG ZGMF-X09A Justice Gundam

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From the TV series "Gundam Seed", the Justice Gundam has finally been made into a Master Grade kit! Justice Gundam's multipurpose sublifter with movable beam cannons and machine cannons, the Fatum-00, can be configured into different flight positions on back and also as a flying mount for it to stand on. Pair with MG Freedom 2.0 and MG Providence to complete ZAFT's Gundam Seed lineup! Includes two beam boomerangs that be stored in shoulders, two beam saber, beam rifle, and Laminate anti beam shield. 

Product Features

  • Approximately 7 inches (17.78cm)
  • Plastic model kit
  • From the TV series "Gundam Seed"
  • Includes two beam boomerangs, two beam saber, beam rifle, and Laminate anti beam shield
  • Fully posable figure once assembled

Box Contents

Parts to assemble the Justice Gundam including:

  • 16 Runner
  • Sticker sheet
  • Marking sticker sheet
  • Dry decal
  • Instruction manual
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Scale 1/100
Line MG - Master Grade
Brand Mobile Suit Gundam
Series Gundam Seed
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Does this set come with the buildable stand similar to that of the Freedom 2.0?
May 15, 2022
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May 15, 2022

The Master Grade With A Pack

The MG Justice Gundam is one of (if not) the best SEED Master Grades. Don’t get me wrong since I am a bit biased, but this Master Grade comes with a lot of things to unpack, and the build is one of the best builds in a master grade based on my experience. It comes with a handful of weapons, including multiple hand variations. Weapons: **The Shield **Two Beam Sabers (can be transformed into a dual wield saber) **Beam Saber Rifle **A functional FATUM unit **I’m sure what to call this one. But it’s like a mini saber with some cool saber effects, the handles are from the shoulder armor. The joints on this kit are very solid, the leg part of the build was very fun. The kit does have an inner frame too. There is a lot of panel lines (on the FATUM too.), so if you love to panel line you’re going to have fun. The kit itself comes with some color correcting stickers and some marking decals. Onto articulation and gimmicks. The chest armor has a rotating mechanism to rotate the sides of the chest armor outwards. Though sometimes it can feel like you’re forcing it, be careful. The cockpit also opens, of course. The chest is attached by a peg onto the waist, like usual MGs, but it has a niiicee ab crunch to it. A nice side to side swivel as well. The head has some solid movement, looks up/down left/right just fine (if the FATUM is attached the movements of the head become limited, but it’s not that bad). The arms are very nice too. They have a good bend. Though if you are extending them outwards to the side, the shoulder does look weird. Bending the legs give off a slight armor separation gimmick at the thigh armor. The feet have a swivel mechanism so it can rotate to your liking. The toes also have some up and down articulation. Enough about the kit, it’s a lot, it’s amazing, let’s talk about the backpack. The backpack itself is basically a whole other model kit. After building the monstrosity the FATUM is, there is articulation EVERYWHERE. The guns on the kit, the wings, it’s incredible! The wings on the FATUM can extend further if you pull them outwards. The wings can also be turned downwards/upwards, rotated. The thrusters on the back, if opened, releases the actual inner thruster outwards as the bottom flap of the thruster is opened simultaneously. Very satisfying. The two guns at the front are able to extend outwards, rotate up, down, left, and right (handy if it gets in the way of the Justice’s head, which is likely). The actual gun(s) at the front of the FATUM can be moved back and forth as if it has recoil. There is two little parts that close up small inserts on the base of each wing, and you know what those are for? The Justice’s feet have pegs that can be pulled out, allowing you to insert those pegs into the exposed openings on the FATUM wings, making the Justice stand on its backpack like a little ship! (photo attached) I would be careful because of course this makes risk of it falling. (Happened to me, but nothing even broke!) This kit is sturdy! Lastly and finally. The kit has its own stand. A base adapter for the FATUM to be attached to it if you would like to. The FATUM attaches to the Justice Gundam with an adapter, and can also be rotated downwards so it’s parallel to the Gundam itself. That is all, this kit is perfect! 9.7/10
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Dec 8, 2021

Absolutely Wonderful

If you have built the Freedom 2.0 or are just looking for a great kit to build then look no further. I really enjoyed t=building this kit and honestly when you are building it, it kind of feels like you are building to kits in one. The suit itself is an excellent build and when complete is solid as a rock. What I really love about this kit though is what i consider the second kit in the box, the colossal backpack/flight unit. The backpack feels like an entirely separate model kit and when it is completed you are left with an absolute unit of backpack that just makes the whole suit look insane. I had no issues with part fitment or quality. This is a great kit for just about any level of builder as the Seed frame that this is based on goes together pretty simply. Overall this a fun, great looking build that is definitely on my list of favorite builds.
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Oct 26, 2021


I recently bought a bunch of master grade kits and this by far us the best one I've ever done
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Sep 28, 2021

Brilliant piece

My first MG, thought it was not good at first but after completing it looks very good. I'm most impressed by the detail and the quality itself.
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Apr 12, 2021

If you are a Seed fan, this is a must have.

This kit is amazing. Super detailed, pretty easy to assemble, and very fun to play with. This is just as good as the Freedom 2.0 and looks amazing next to it. A must have for a Seed or even gunpla fan.
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