MG Gundam Double X

Model Kit


■ Designed with specifications that increased convincing power as a successor by giving commonality to the internal frame of MG Gundam X and the parts  configuration of the reflector unit. 

■ Reproduce the deployment of the reflector when using Twin Satellite Cannon.

■ Inside the reflector, use the same mirror sheet as the MG Gundam X to express the light condensing condition.

■ Reproduce radiator deployment of the forearm and calves. When the outer cover is opened, the inner blades also open and close interlockingly.

■ Canon slides and develops. Shoulder part By locking on the frame of the camera, the holding is realized surely. Angle adjustment at launch is also possible.

Molded item × 18, foil seal × 1, Tetoron seal × 1, mirror sheet × 1, assembly instruction × 1

Scale 1/100
Line MG - Master Grade
Assembly Guide
SKU: BAN194873
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