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Basic Bundle (27 Bottles)

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Odenkan Lacquer Paint

Basic Bundle includes 27 basic paints:

Odenkan OB-01 Black

Odenkan OB-02 Deep Gray

Odenkan OB-03 Gray

Odenkan OB-04 Light Gray

Odenkan OB-05 White

Odenkan OB-06 Fuchsia

Odenkan OB-07 Red

Odenkan OB-08 Fresh Red

Odenkan OB-09 Orange

Odenkan OB-10 Orange Yellow

Odenkan OB-11 Deep Yellow

Odenkan OB-12 Yellow

Odenkan OB-13 Yellow Green

Odenkan OB-14 Green

Odenkan OB-15 Deep Green

Odenkan OB-16 Turquoise

Odenkan OB-17 Sky Blue

Odenkan OB-18 Ultramarine

Odenkan OB-19 Blue

Odenkan OB-20 Indigo

Odenkan OB-21 Violet

Odenkan OB-22 Purple

Odenkan OB-23 Purple Red

Odenkan OB-24 Brown

Odenkan OB-25 Brown Red

Odenkan OB-26 Ochre

Odenkan OB-27 Ochre Yellow

Paints are in 35ml container(s)

Made in Taiwan

1. Shake well and use in a well-ventilated area.

2. Apply 1-2 coats at 18 psi (1.2 bar) until the desired saturation is achieved.

3. Our paint is pre-thinned for 0.5mm airbrushes. For 0.3mm airbrushes, add additional thinner to improve flow and consistency.

4. All colors can be mixed with each other to create custom colors. For accurate and vibrant results, use the Primary Color (OP) Series for tuning.



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May 6, 2023

Great pigmentation and coats well

This is my favorite lacquer paint so far. I was previously using StudioG paints and was concerned about the size of these bottles, but I find I’m using much less and getting great results. I’ve used the basics, metallics and Pearl coats and am very happy with the results. I would recommend this to anyone with an airbrush set up.
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- Verified Purchaser
Apr 15, 2023

Strange bubbles

Edit 4/14/2023: I think, ultimately, this paint series is very unforgiving. If you have sloppy airbrushing technique, it will tell you so on no uncertain terms. Only get this if you are either supremely comfortable and confident in your technique, or you want the equivalent of an ornery teacher who throws your work in the garbage if you mess up slightly. --- I decided to give the Odenkan line because the opportunity to purchase a full color palette in a few clicks appealed to me, where Mr Color (my mainstay) suffers from simply being so broad and often having limited supply. So far I'm disappointed. While the color palette provides a starting hobbyist with a great foundation to work from, I am finding frustration with a technical issue of the paint: air bubbles So far it isn't clear what exactly is causing them. I'm thinning them slightly to operate with my finer needle, but invariably I'm seeing bubbles appear in the finish. I'm going to continue to tweak my thinner and air mixture to see if I can get a smooth spray, but right now I can't recommend this line. I've sprayed both Tamiya acrylic and Mr Color lacquer without this issue in the past. I'll definitely change my review of course if I find my own error at fault--other than the bubbles, I don't have any issues with the paint--a solid four stars if only because the prethinning suggests you're getting slightly less pigment by volume than comparable brands.
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- Verified Purchaser
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