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170mm Cannon (1/144 Resin Kit)

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Custom-designed 170mm cannon as seen in the anime Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn. This weapon briefly appears in the hands of an Earth Federation Nemo during one of the Gundam universe's greatest animated battles, The Battle at Torrington.

Gimmicks on this weapon include:
1. A removable magazine with 8 rounds of 170mm caseless ammunition

2. A carry handle with ball and socket attachment to the gun for ease of posing with mecha model kits

3. A folding barrel to secure along the side of the cannon when being stored on a mecha suit.

The weapon is made from 3D-printed resin. The kit comprises 21 individual pieces and requires assembly (superglue is recommended for final assembly).

It can be primed and painted like any other gunpla kit/accessory (sanding required for surface clean-up and optimal paint results).

This 3D-printed item is designed and produced in the United States by Project V Hobby.

Scale 1/144
Brand Mobile Suit Gundam
Series Gundam Unicorn
Release Date March 2023
Warning: This product is made of a resin, which is toxic if inhaled. Please wear a mask/respirator when sanding.


No customer builds.


In the promo images, the figure looks like a MG holding that. What are the physical dimensions of the resin kit itself?
Good eye. The promo images are of the MG version (HG images coming soon) but I can assure you that this listing is for the 1/144 scale. The listing for 1/100 is also in the works. Ryan - Project V Hobby
March 16, 2023


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