Metal Robot Spirits Force Impulse Gundam

The Force Impulse Gundam has a wide range of articulation. This enables the creation of the silhouette where the wings spread out in four directions, a feature that couldn’t be recreated by items released in the past. An abundance of newly designed parts have been adopted and the design of the head has been completely renewed so it closely resembles the unit featured in the series.
Die-cast metal parts have been used for various sections of the body and can mainly be seen in the joints. Most of the exterior parts have been painted using various painting techniques, resulting in a highly dense design.
It is armed with a Folding Razor Anti-armor Knife, a Mobile Shield, and a High Energy Beam Rifle. The figure can also be displayed in aerial poses by using the dedicated display base. The figure can also be combined with the METAL ROBOT SPIRITS Freedom Gundam (sold separately) by using the Anti-ship Laser Sword to enjoy the defeat scene.
Scale non
Line Robot Spirits
Brand Mobile Suit Gundam
Series Gundam Seed
Release Date July 2021
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