Super Bundle (230 bottles)

$734.99 $917.99
save $183

This super bundle contains one of every paint from every line from AK Interactive.  An AMAZING deal.

  • 230* of 17ml bottles:

Standard bundle:
AK11002 - AK11028, AK11030 - AK11036, AK11038-AK11044, AK11046 -AK11058, AK11060 - AK11064, AK11066 - AK11068, AK11070 - AK11071, AK11073, AK11075, AK11077-AK11079, AK11081-AK11087, AK11089-AK11101, AK11103 - AK11130, AK11132 - AK11141, AK11143 - AK11167, AK11169 - AK11181, AK11183 - AK11190, AK11213 - AK11218

Metallic bundle:
AK11191 -  AK11212

Ink bundle:

AK11219 -  AK11230

Intense bundle:

AK11001, AK11029, AK11045, AK11065, AK11072, AK11074, AK11080, AK11088, AK11102, AK11142, AK11182

Pastel bundle:

AK11037, AK11059, AK11069, AK11076, AK11131, AK11168

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